My bodybuilding adventure began when I met Duane Dejager 4 weeks before a competition in November 2014. I was inspired by him and started posing with him for the first time. I competed in the NPAA in November 2014, and surprisingly performed well. I placed 1st in Men’s Heavyweight and the Pro-show respectively earning the Pro Elite status. We should always be supportive of each other; there is no reason not to be positive. It was an incredible learning experience. “Do not ever let anyone discourage you from your goals”. We can accomplish our individual goals if we dedicate, discipline and commit ourselves to its pursuit. I decided to compete in the INBF Canada, but was cautioned that the federation attracts natural mass muscle men, and I was elated to hear that because robust competition stimulates growth. I started training like my life depended on INBF Canada, I got obsessed with my goals as usual…that’s how I’ve always approached my goals. But this time I had to force myself to follow a meal plan, which remain very challenging. My nutrition has always been very clean but had never followed a meal plan strictly. The meal plan elevated my performance and helped with my progression to INBF Canada stage where I placed 1st in Men’s Heavyweight and overall bodybuilding.

I have a long way to go in becoming a better bodybuilder, got to settle down and learn how to pose for real. I have gained a lot of knowledge about human body in the past year and continue to learn. I am looking forward to featuring in one of the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation events in the near future. I am anticipating competing in England and Edmonton respectively in October, while also waiting for a surgery on my two knees. I’m happy with whatever comes first…got to keep moving amid all life challenges. Thanks to all the support I’ve received across the board, from friends, family, athletes, social media fan. Peace and Love. Stay true, live your dream today, tomorrow may be too late, more positive attitude towards life in general.

Awards & Achievements

World Natural Bodybuilding federation Pro Athlete

Alberta Bodybuilding Association Natural Pro Athlete

International Pro Elite Pro Athlete

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor(Blue Belt)


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