Arm Program for Mass



Endeavour to complete the four sets on each exercises listed, however, do not worry if you are not able to perform all the repetitions for the first few times. Your body will adapt and get stronger as you as your progress with these rigorous exercises. Please reduce the load if the specified percentage of your 1/Rep Max cannot be used with STRICT posture, however you must have to struggle for the last 3 reps in order to certain that the right amount of load is being used. This is very crucial for execution of this program. This is a Beginner/Intermediate program; it is designed to challenge you endurance and muscle stamina. It is always an asset to have a workout partner during any strength training, however, if such is not available, Use a manageable load to conform to Strict form throughout the exercises.


There should be absolutely not swinging in any of the Biceps routine. Ensure to be in control of the weight at all time both during positive and negative movements. Pause and count to ten seconds and continue, instead of using improper form, which is counterproductive to the targeted goal. It is imperative that you chose a weight that you can handle but still struggle with. Make sure to control the negatives than letting drop and catching it at the end of the movement, squeeze at the top of the movement and CONTROL the negatives. In other words, bring the weight down with the same tempo that you used on the positive

Core Engagement

It is strongly recommended that you engage or activate your core during any of the exercises, the core is a stabilizing muscle, protects back and the spine. Avoid slouching of any sort when performing any exercises that involves sitting on a bench with a backrest.

This workout is to be done once or twice a week for optimum result.