Lean Muscle Program

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6


Endeavour to complete the Eight Supersets on each exercises listed, however, do not worry if you are not able to perform all the repetitions for the first few times, however, the ultimate goal is that you eventually complete the program as specified. Your body will adapt and get stronger as you as your progress with these rigorous exercises. You should focus on progression rather than perfection. This program is designed for Intermediate or Advanced fitness individuals. Beginner should consider doing the Fat Loss Program first and transition to Lean-Muscle/Fat-Loss Program.


You may find this exercise very challenging depending on your strength level and bodyweight; try the regression for this exercise by standing 2-feet in front of the wall, extend your arms and push-up off the wall, if you find it extremely difficult.

Pull-up & Chin-up

These exercises can equally be very challenging if you haven’t build the upper body strength to do them properly. Please use the assisted pull-up machine or get someone to assist you and start practicing to eventually do one without assistance.


Reduce the repetition to 15 reps each if your core muscle are extremely fatigued that you cannot bear the discomfort anymore, however, it is imperative to note that keeping up the intensity and tension on the abdominal muscles is the only effective way to approach core exercises. (Adequate nutrition is a requirement)


We strongly recommend using 50% of your 1Rep/Max or any amount of weight that can pose challenges before reaching the last repetition on each set. The most important concept to take away is that whatever chosen load, must be used with proper for and controlled movement. Swinging and rushing through the repetition is counterproductive to the goal intended to achieve in this program. I cannot stress this enough, “reduce the load as much as you find necessary, in order to complete the routine with Proper form and posture”. Remember that your goal is not to lift the heaviest weight in the gym, as this is not a weight lifting program, rather you are using certain amount of weight to contract and retract a particular muscle.


Cardiovascular exercises such as running on treadmill, stairs or Elliptical, Biking, Skipping or Rowing is required to be performed for warm-up between 10-15 minutes prior to any training session.


There should be absolutely not swinging in any of the Biceps routine. Ensure to be in control of the weight at all time both during positive and negative movements. Pause and count to ten seconds and continue, instead of using improper form, which is counterproductive to the targeted goal. It is imperative that you chose a weight that you can handle but still struggle with. Make sure to control the negatives than letting drop and catching it at the end of the movement, squeeze at the top of the movement and CONTROL the negatives. In other words, bring the weight down with the same tempo that you used on the positive

Core Engagement

It is strongly recommended that you engage or activate your core during any of the exercises, the core is a stabilizing muscle, protects back and the spine. Avoid slouching of any sort when performing any exercises that involves sitting on a bench with a backrest.

Bench Press

Bench is one of the most advanced movements and causes a lot of injuries around the pectoral and shoulder muscles, ligament and tendons. It is strictly advised that you apply a strict form when performing this movement. Please reduce the load if necessary, in order to perform the routine properly. The barbell should not bounce off your chest, “ABSOLUTELY NOT”, slowly lower the bar leaving an inch of space in between your chest and the bar. The negatives on the Bench press is what causes the most stimulation to the muscle fibers, therefore the negative should be, must be controlled by slowly lowering the bar for 3-4 seconds.

Please feel free to ask further question regarding the program and its execution. Contact us at UGBFIT@GMAIl.COM. We wish you success.